Film and Video


Into the River

A film by Gabrielle Marceau

Into The River is an experimental fiction film about love, obsession, and the power of narrative. It is loosely based on the novel, Nightwood, by Djuna Barnes. The film follows two women: Nora who is consumed by her love for Robin, and Robin who posessed by a need for freedom. To cope with the loss of her love, Nora creates an elaborate fantasy world which reenacts their relationship in a doomed fairy tale. As she finds herself unraveling and falling deeper into delusion Nora faces not only losing her lover, but herself.

Video Poems
An Ongoing Series

This series of poems are constructed using the particular rhythmic and visual properties of video. These pieces propose a new way to read poetry, in which much of the task of reading is imposed by the pace of the moving image, asking to reader to relinquish their agency to the author.

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