In the Mood Magazine

Issue 1 of In the Mood Magazine is out now! Featuring work from Cason Sharpe, Alex Manley, and more.   

Read Issue 1 here!

In The Mood is an online pop culture journal about the things we like to watch, created by Gabrielle Marceau and Sennah Yee. Each issue will delve into film, TV, music videos, and celebrity culture through short personal essays, diary entries, conversations, poetry, comics, questionnaires, and more.

To query or contribute, please write to and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

In the Mood Film Recommendation Generator

The accompanying In the Mood Film Recommendation Generator, which launched in December 2020, provides hand-picked film recommendations from artists, filmmakers, writers, critics, and poets based on your mood. So... are you in the mood?

Illustration: Aidan Jeans, Logo: Marcela Huerta